16 Coldest Replies To You're Ugly

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Coldest Replies to " You're Ugly"

Sometimes someone calls a person ugly, and believe me, it feels very bad if someone says that to you. But if we get angry about it or lose our temper, the other person gets a chance to understand that we are bothered by it. The disadvantage of this is that those people start calling us 'ugly' persistently. In such a situation, we have to stay cool and give the other person a reply in such a way that they don't think we are angry, and they don't try to bother us again.


However, there's no need to worry; we've got you covered. After conducting surveys on various social media platforms, we have compiled a list of 16 of the coolest replies to 'You're Ugly.' You can use this list to give a smashing response to the other person so that they don't trouble you again.

In this list, there are also many dirty replies, so if you don't want to get yourself into trouble, don't use them on your family members👀:

1-Takes one to know one👊

2-We can't all have good eyesight👍

3-Thanks! I tried to be like you today👌

4-You figure that out all by yourself? 😲

5-Aaaw, it's cute that you think your opinion matters 😚

6-You're just mad because I won't sleep with you. No means no, ok? 😳

7-And you're an idiot, but I can get plastic surgery 👽

8-And What’s your excuse then? 😕

9-Doesn't matter, your momma still charges me the same as her other clients💣

10-That's why your mother turns off the lights💥

11-Now isn’t the time for your daily affirmations😒

12-Not when my face is buried between your momma's thighs 😶

13-I know you are but what am I? 😕

14-That’s not what your Dad said when I f@cked him last night 💫

15-Thank you, you’re very kind 😇

16-What's wrong with being ugly? ✌


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